Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me, Sandra D., and the Big Bad Hill Part II

Cycle Day
Suggested time- 50 minutes
Actual time- 58 minutes*
Distance- 12.85mi

*plus the first descent time

Having trouble focusing on writing, so this may not read as smoothly as some do. Tired.
Today I had 50 minutes to ride and used them to go up and down the big, bad mountain. This is as mentally tough as it is physically. I know it's not that far. From where it gets difficult its only another 2.16mi, but it feels like a long 2.16mi. So I have to fight through it. My head got screwed with today too. I came to what I remembered as the last turn/tough climb section, only to clear the blind corner and see more road stretching up in front of me. Very little zaps strength from you like expecting to see the finish, only to see more up. Fought through it though, and made it to the top in about 24 minutes. When I made the turn for my descent I decided to stop my watch. Rolling downhill is recovery time, not workout time, and I've decided not to count it because of that.
After I got down to Lyman road, which is about where the real climb starts, I made a U-turn and headed back up. From there, like I said, its only 2.16mi to the top. I didn't go all the way back to my start because then I wouldn't have time to make a second ascent. This way I get the rough part twice. And I'm happy about that. I did make it to the top a second time, at about 44 minutes, which I'm very happy with, and then rolled all the way back down to the start, the truck, and the wife, who used my time on base to go shopping at the commissary. So while my time does not reflect my first descent, my distance does. If you want a more accurate time/distance, then subtract 2.16mi from my total. Why you would want that, I'm not sure. But if you do, there ya go. Perfectionist prick.
Tried to keep my cadence up, and focused on constant power output, using being clipped in to pull the pedal up while the other leg is pushing the pedal down. I think these two things are going to be key during the race, and for efficient cycling in general.
Got back home and alternated stretch and core, one minute core, one minute stretch, and so on.

3 x Plank
2 x 10 Thread the Needle

Felt good today. Sunday I have a much longer ride time, so I should be able to get three climbs in, especially turning around where I have been. Maybe on one of my super-long days I'll go all the way to my start before turning around.

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  1. WOW! Amazing Doug. I just rode about 4 miles and am winded. Keep it up, your perseverance will be your pay off for sure.