Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paddles Are Fun

Swim Day

1 x 200yds Warm-up
4 x 50yds 5, 7, 9 breaths with long strokes- 1:00
4 x 300yds Odd- Pull, Even- Swim- 4:30
1 x 200yds Cool down

Total- 1800yds

Swimming felt good today. I missed using paddles. I think at least once a week I'll be doing a paddle set. It's going to make my finish stronger and really help my stroke. I'm also really happy with how my yardage is going up. I was able to push it pretty hard today during my main set, keep my pace up, get some burn going. I'm not paying nearly enough attention to my breathing rate, but that focus is going towards stroke technique. In a race this long, I'm pretty sure breathing every three won't impact my time in any significant way. But I do feel that I'm cutting the water better, getting a good rotation in my shoulders, and getting a decent grip on the water most of the time. Thinking about it now, I'm focusing a lot of the front end of my stroke and my finish has probably been suffering for that. Noticed it while I was using the paddles and tried to finish all the way past my hips with a flick. That'll be one more thing to fix.
Felt great to swim in zoomers rather than board shorts. Felt my body position fix itself almost immediately. Not perfect, but so much better. I feel faster, lighter, better. Love swimming.

3 x 1:00 Plank
3 x 10 Thread the Needle

Felt good to get some core work in today. Six pack abs, here I come! Oh, right after this bowl of popcorn.
Tomorrow is my first brick, 70 minute ride and then a 10 minute run. Should be fun.

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