Saturday, September 18, 2010

Staggering Home

Ride Day

Suggested time- 1:30
Actual time- 1:43
Distance- 24.78mi

Oof, long ride for the Dirtbag today. And the quick fast cadence of my last ride was much harder to find. I went down the hill again to Haleiwa, but instead of turning right around like I did last time I rode through town since my time was longer. I rode a little too far though. I spent the whole time thinking as long as I was at the base of the climb with 45 minutes to go I'd be perfect. Well I wasn't there at that time. I was about five minutes late. And it took me longer today to get to the top than it did last time. Not much, but longer.
The reason for this, I think, is partially because we didn't eat all that well last night so I was running on bad fuel. Also, this was the furthest I've ever ridden so I have every right to be tired at the end. And finally, thats a rough damn climb.
I had a hard time keeping my rpms where I wanted them to be, but I think for the most part of the levels I was successful. Until I finished the climb back. By the time it leveled out again I was blown out. If you could hear me there was lots of encouraging self-talk going on, "Come on, what's behind me does not matter. Let's finish hard. Nearly done. Fight through this." That would work for a few minutes, then I'd bog back down and have to fight to speed up again. By the end my muscles didn't even hurt anymore, I just couldn't pedal very fast.
Also, this was the first ride where other parts of my body got sore. My shoulders are tired right now, telling me I was too tense the whole ride. I felt them tightening up and starting to hurt during the climb and would drop them and shake them out but next time I checked it, up they were again! Lower back is sore too. And I'm more saddle sore than I have been. I'm sure all of this is a result of riding longer and nothing to worry about. Its growing pains.
Can't complain about the views though, when I remember to look around. My ride today took me past the park where Stitches and I got married six months ago on Monday.
Stupid elliptical tomorrow. Hope there's a good game on. I know I need to keep the pace up so I get cardio benefits from it, and I need to be positive about it, and I'm working on it. I vow not to grumble about the stupid elliptical for 48 hours. There. I vowed.

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  1. It's good for you to get tired like that, means you're making your body adjust, and work harder than its used to, which means you'll make gains. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Keep it up. Now go ice.