Thursday, August 12, 2010

With a Little Help From My Friends...

Run Day
20 minutes. Using the Jog Tracker app Meghan suggested I know for sure that I traveled 2.12mi with an average speed of 6.3mph. Good call, Meg! And a pretty good run for me. Short, but up a (very) slight incline one way and I tried to run a little quicker back. So it was good.
After my run I did a core workout. (all with one minute rest between sets unless otherwise noted)
3 x 1 minute Plank
3 x 12 V-Ups
6 x 0:45 second Side Plank (six because three on each side. You get? And I went straight from right side to left side so the minute rest was after the left side. Then back-to-back.)
6 x 10 Thread the Needle (six for the same reason. Also, not positive I did this right and was going to hit up YouTube to check, but my sister sent me a link before I could. Go her!)

Body Monitoring Update: Knees have been feeling fatigued last two days. No pain, they just feel different, tired. I'm pretty sure this is because I'm asking them to move in new ways (especially the cycle) and they are adjusting to the new workload. But I've had knee pain before so I'll be keeping an eye on them. Will go in search of yoga poses or something that will help strengthen/better stretch them to prevent injury or aggravation.

Bike update: My lead has come through! A friend (really a friend of a friend, but now we are friends for real and I will wash his car and his dog and his house whenever he wants me to) who does Ironman triathlons is going to let me borrow one of his "cheap" bikes to train on and use for the race! How amazingly cool is that? The plan is to meet up with him this weekend to pick it up. More information and pictures will follow once I have it home. Means tomorrow I'll be heading to Sports Authority to pick up a helmet, gloves, and the oh-so-sexy bike shorts. Made my week.
Swim again tomorrow. Suggested 600yds. Probably will be higher. Grrrr, tough guy.

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  1. I'm glad it worked for you! Keep up the good work!