Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Last Indoor Ride (Hopefully)

Cycle day today. I'm hoping to pick up my borrowed bike this weekend but haven't yet, so it was another indoor ride for Doug. 55 minutes today, which is a long time to ride nowhere. The TV in front of me had NASCAR on, so that was a big help. I'm working hard at going nowhere, they're "working hard" going nowhere. We bonded. I even spoke with a twang after I got off the bike. And I had to complete my weight workout making only left turns.

Anyway, here's today's workout overview:
Cycle- 55 minutes at 8 resistance.
Total imaginary distance- 14.87mi
Lifts (all lifts done using the Cable Cross machine...I love Saturday am at the gym. Empty and everything you want to use is open!)
3 x 15 lat pull downs with 90, 100, 110lbs selected for each side. (I had to fiddle with the weight so it wasn't too light)
6 x 15 one arm bent over fly- 5olbs
6 x 15 woodchop- 50lbs (three to each side. I've never done this exercise before but it's come up on a few websites so I thought I'd try it out. I like it.)
3 x 15 chest flys- 50lbs

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