Friday, August 20, 2010

Cue, uh, Dory

Open water swim today!
I was excited for this. I think the last time I did an open water workout was in college the first time I visited Hawaii, so it's been a while. Swimming out in the ocean is so much different than in a pool. For one, the water moves. Sometimes a lot. Like, into your mouth while you're breathing 'cause you're a dummy and you turn your head away from the beach to try and breathe. Not that that happened today, I'm just saying that's why it could be hard...
Also, you can't help but feel alone out there. Goggles keep the water out of your eyes but they also allow you to see the bottom fade, fade, fade, and disappear. For anyone who has seen Jaws at least once, this is creepy. Part of your brain sings, "Duhdu duhdu duhdu duhduhduhduhdudhudhdudhu!" And then you notice a sea turtle out of the corner of your eye, but you don't realize it's a sea turtle at first because all you did was glimpse it really quickly, and you verbalize into the water something which would be inappropriate at school. Then you realize its just a sea turtle checking you out and then you're kind of blown away by being able to go swimming and see a sea turtle. Like I said before, not that it happened to me today, except that last part. It just could. To you. Well, not you. You are obviously way too cool. To someone else then. Yeah.
On to the training report. We went out to Pililaau Army beach on the Waianae coast. Nice quite little beach. Met up with friends there and into the water I went.

Total swim time: 26:37 (I took a 1:30 break after approx 12:36 when I got to the other side, but I stopped the watch for that)

I couldn't get the GPS Jog Tracker to work out on the coast to walk along the beach where I swam so I have to guess at the distance. But if I was averaging 3:00 or 3:15 over 200yds, then that's a pretty good swim.
Tomorrow I'm back on the bike again. Woohoo!

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