Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cycle Day

Today was my second bike day. I still don't have a real ride so to the gym I go to sit on their stationary bike. I know it's not the same, not nearly close enough really, but it's my option right now. At least my legs are getting used to working they way they should be on a bike. The search goes on.
Today was 40 minutes, resistance set at eight except for the last ten minutes when I ramped it all the way up to nine. RPMs stayed between 85-95 for the most part, plus holding over 100 for the last minute. I traveled 10.93 imaginary miles.
After the ride I headed to the weight section of the gym. I have been doing some reading and talked to a few people and learning that weight training is good as long as it's high rep/low weight, which builds strength but not size. I knew this but it was good to hear it from people in the know. So until I get my own bike and can ride from home bike days will be weight days. Once I do get my own bike I'll drive to the gym for my run from the gym and then lift. I'm still ironing out my weight to reps ratios for some of these lifts since I normally lift heavier and to failure (sets of 10 or less reps).

3 x 15 pull-ups (I knew I wasn't going to be able to do all of these yet, even though pull-ups have been part of my routine for a while. So the reps were a goal but I expected failure. I actually did 15, 10, 4 1/2. It'll get better)
3 x 15 military shoulder press - 25lbs
3 x 15 bench press - 55lbs (Worked to failure. Actual reps were 15, 15, 7)
3 x 15 seated row - 120lbs

Like I said, lifting like this is new and hurts in a whole different way. I'll be fiddling with weights and trying out different lifts to keep my muscles guessing. I also plan on adding at least a triceps lift soon, once I feel a little stronger in the water. I should be doing leg work too but the frequency of leg-based cardio is making me think I should wait on that for now. I'm concerned with burn-out and over-training. That's also why I didn't do any core work today. It'll be done after my run tomorrow.
Back on the hunt for a bike. Hope I find something soon.


  1. Are you using dumbbells or barbells? And how much rest are you giving yourself between sets?
    I would stay away from lifting weights with legs, stick to lunges, side lunges, free squats (not in a squat rack, carry dumbbells if you feel you need the weight) single leg heel raises, side to side hops, etc. You don't need to life a single weight to get a killer leg workout. And I would do core as part of your weekly routine, throw it in as a full workout, instead of just doing a little after every day. You're going to need more than just sit ups too. Planks, swiss ball pikes, side planks, threading the needle (you should be able to google these and see what I'm talking about, if not, let me know and I'll send pictures.)
    Make sure you are stretching upper body too. Lats, chest, delts, neck...

  2. Two things - First there are several bikes on craigslist that might be worth looking at. I don't know your budget but there are several for under $500. Also the cost can be mitigated if you commute instead of driving. To be honest the bike doesn't really matter as long as it has wheels. I've seen a lot of people on mountain bikes in triathlons.

    Second, there are several workouts you can do that are triathlon specific such as this one:

    Hope this helps and happy triathloning . . .

  3. Many thanks to my sister and cawti for the suggestions. Very helpful.