Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing Team Dirtbag!

But first, today's workout.
Cycle Day- Recovery Week
Time- 31:36
Distance- 6.53mi

This was an experimental ride up to the Navy base by my house. Plenty of climbing, especially once I do the whole loop. Climbing sucks, but it's going to make me strong and fast and get my endurance kicking. Also, decending is a lot of fun.
No core today because it's a rest week. That means no weights after my run tomorrow too.

AND NOW, the moment you haven't been aware that you've been waiting for...Introducing Team Dirtbag!

First, Trainer Extraordinaire: Sister Dirtbag! Always available for text, phone, or Facebook consultations, Sister Dirtbag is there to keep this athlete healthy. Below she is pictured working on some wussy football player. "Ohh, ohh, my leg hurts." "Suck it up, ya puff!"

Next up in the Dirtbag Family, the most metals cycle consultant on two wheels, a self-described Lord of Chaos: Cycle Dirtbag! CD is constantly being bothered with noob questions about two-wheeled, man-powered riding and unerringly gives helpful advice. Below he is pictured with yours truely, the head Dirtbag, hanging out in Portland.
And the third and most important member of Team Dirtbag, the one I couldn't live without and whom makes all this foolishness possible, official Team Dirtbag Nutritionist and Sexy Wife: Stitches! (She doesn't get a Dirtbag name because she already has an awesome nickname,) Whether its cooking up some yummy yummy, energy-giving food (or cookie-brownies), or rubbing my poor sore neck, Stitches is the best. Below she is cooking something especially yummy, I'm sure. And healthy. Also sure. Unless it's cookie-brownies..mmmm...
All three members of Team Dirtbag are invaluable and right now they are working completely pro bono, though they work so hard I may double that.

And, since I'm a raving egomaniac, there's the head Dirtbag, the Dirtbag Grand Poobah, His Dirtbagness, The Dirtbag: Me. Below I'm pictured in my bike outfit getting ready to ride. Ignore the smile, I'm really a tough guy. I must have been thinking about crying children or something.
Also, I've decided Dirtbag Fitness needs a logo, so I designed one. This is a rough, I-can't-really-draw-but-here-it-is version. And yes, when I get better at it I am going to Sharpie it on to my swim cap. And figure out how to put it on a t-shirt. And a cycle jersey. And whatever else I can think of.


  1. I will help you with your logo. I can even figure out how to put it in a shirt and set up a Dirtbag store. :D You know what the payment is.

  2. Excellent! Team Dirtbag is the best assembled. Maybe help with the logo is a good idea?

  3. Oh, and love the outfit. Looking goooooood.