Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Swim

Swim Day- Recovery Week

Suggested distance- 500yds
Actual Workout
1 x 100yds Warm-up
3 x 50yds Long Strokes
1 x 500yds 7:30
1 x 100yds Cool Down
Total Distance- 850yds

I'm pretty happy with this swim considering its supposed to be an easy workout. A 7:50 500 means I'm holding a steady cruise pace of 1:30/100yds. That's not where I want to be come October 24th, but for right now I'm not complaining. I am looking forward to next week and really getting back in to heavy training. This week will, I think, help that and I'll be stronger for it. Two more recovery workouts, a ride tomorrow and a run Sunday, then it's Monday off and back at it hardcore Tuesday.
Also went to IT&B and bought myself a bike pump and some chain lube. Or, as it struck me while I walked back to the truck, I bought a pump and some lube. Then I giggled, as you may now be doing. And if you aren't, turn to the person next to you, or if you're alone then call someone you know and say to that person, "I know a guy who just bought a pump and some lube," and wait for their reaction. I'll wait.
I can't say enough good things about this store. It's way in Waikiki but the service I get there makes the drive worth it. Today a different guy than the last two times I've been in showed me exactly how to lube the chain (that's right, I needed to be shown how to lube up my chain, you may giggle again). Really helpful, excited to be helping, and after we were done he got up and excitedly showed me how his bike had electric gear shifters. I made the appropriate ohh-ing and ahh-ing noises. I hope I can afford to go to them when it comes time for me to purchase my own bike. And when I think about buying a tri-suit for the race I'm having a seriously hard time deciding between using the interweb or going back to IT&B. We shall see, we shall see.

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