Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swim Day and News

Exciting News! But first, swim workout overview.

Suggested distance- 600 yds
1 x 100 yds Warm-up
4 x 200yds on the 3:00 (This hurt so good. Made all of them but only had four seconds rest between 3 and 4 and barely made 4)
2 x 25yds Stroke count cool down
1 x 100 pull
1 x 250yds stretch/stroke technique focus
Total distance: 1300yds

Swim felt great. That main set was pretty killer for my current swim fitness level. It's the first set so far where I was barely making the time standard. Going to have to start doing more of these, and with farther distances. Can't wait for the set of 500s I see in my future. Getting stronger every day.
Now, on to the exciting news.
Sunday I picked up the bike (who's name is Sandra B. I've been informed) I will be training on and using for the race. Many millions of thanks to Gene T. Gene will henceforth be known as Obi Tri Kenobi. Why? Because I'm a dork. Also because he's a Jedi Triathlon Master who does Ironman races and answered all of my questions including the ones I didn't even think to ask. He's also offered to get together with me and help me get straightened out with bike stuff later on. So he's Obi Tri Kenobi. Below is a junk picture I just took of the bike upside down in our computer room.
It's a really nice bike. I'm very lucky. And the guys at IT&B were again super helpful, this time with getting the bike set up for me and answering even more of my questions, which I know was above and beyond the basic thing I was paying for. And they sold me my first pair of cycling shoes. I know this last part is their basic job but its so nice to be sold something by people who love what they are selling you and know their stuff backwards and forwards.
I also registered for the triathlon last night. Much thanks to Mom and Skip for funding both the shoes and the registration. It's official and exciting. I love having a goal and something to train for.
Tomorrow's post should be interesting as it will be my first day riding Sandra B. I will be clipped in to the pedals, which I'll go over tomorrow. So I'm predicting less of a traditional work out and more of a getting comfortable on the bike and trying not to fall over session. I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow too.


  1. Oh, and I'm excited and all that.

  2. We are too! Can hardly wait to hear more training tales son. GO Dirtbag, I mean Doug.