Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cue Tom Petty

Run/Lift Day
Today I drove to the gym and ran from there that way I could get my lift on afterwards. Core day will be switched to cycle day.

Run duration: 25 minutes
Distance: 11.27mi (JogTracker and my GPS seem to have had a little bit of a glitch today.)
Average speed: 25.9mph (I am Superman!)
Pace: 2.3min/mile
And the map feature tracked me running out into the ocean. Technology is wonderful.

3 x 15 cable pulldown- 110lbs
3 x 15 single arm shoulder press- 25lbs
3 x 15 single arm seated row- 60lbs
2 x 16 side lunge
1 x 16 lunge

My run didn't hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting today. I'm guessing that my actual run distance was around 2.5mi. But my butt kinda hurts, saddle sore. Not sure how long that'll take to go away. And tomorrow I'm going to do an open water swim rather than a pool workout. Should be fun.


  1. Wow, you should try out for the Olympics with those times! ;) Good luck on the open water swim, that will be different.

  2. If your next run has those kinda of stats I demand you change your name to something Kenyan.