Friday, August 13, 2010

Swimming and Shopping (But Not in That Order)

Swim Day
Recommended: 600yds
I had a much better swim today than last time. Makes me think that, because of all the swimming I have done in the past, this is the discipline that will come snapping into shape the quickest and easiest. Although, technically, my run is my strongest discipline because I've been doing it the most consistently recently. Running outside is different than on a treadmill though. Better, but different.
On to my workout (all freestyle):

1 x 100yds warm-up
3 x 200yds on the 3:30 (swam these on a 2:45ish pace, very pleased with that. Really, had too much rest. Hey, it's only Swim Day 2. Gimme a break.)
1 x 100yds Anaerobic (breathe every 3, 5, 7, 9, repeat. This stretched my stroke out and felt very nice)
2 x 25 Drill Stroke Length (first 25 I took 16 strokes, second I took 14. No breathing either lap.)
1 x 50yds Cool Down
Total yards: 900

Like I said, I'm really happy with how that swim went.
But before the swim I went shopping. Since a bike has come through and I hope to be picking it up this weekend I require the proper gear. I return to Sports Authority a man on a mission. And leave a man owning skin tight lycra shorts with a pad in the butt. Also the ever-important helmet, a pair of gloves, and a shirt (jersey? specially designed, aerodynamic, sweat-wicking, breathing top with Go Fast green piping?). Before the race I'll need to buy actual tri shorts, which are like bike shorts but with a much smaller pad in the butt. Since you don't change clothes in the middle of the race, the smaller pad doesn't absorb water during the swim and turn into the dreaded diaper butt. For now I just needed shorts to train in. I may also have bought myself a swim suit special for the wife...

(possible special for the wife suit not pictured...if it exists)

Thank you again for the donations. This gear was bought with my own money, as right now I'm planning on putting donations towards race registration and then my own bike.

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