Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wherein a Bicycle Calls Me a Bitch

Cycle Day
Time: 60minutes
Distance: 11.78mi
Core/Stretch alternation

Today's ride was tough. An hour feels like a long time to ride, and by the end of it the smallest hills feel very large, making my legs quiver like the Cos' favorite dessert. I need to find a flatter place to do some of my rides. Obviously not all of them, I do know that practicing going up hills will benefit me when race time comes and that course is flat. Then I'll be over-trained, which is what I want. Any leg-up (as it were) on leg strength going into the run would be nice.
Also, I decided today it would be a good idea to try unclipping the other foot at a stop. You know, to be balanced. This was not as good an idea as it sounds. This means that I've spent the last ride and a half unclipping and putting down my left foot, developing that instinct. And then I decide I will unclip my right foot. And what happened? I successfully unclipped my right foot...and then tried to put my left foot down. Luckily I got the other foot out before I fell over, but still managed to bang my right knee against the frame and gouged myself a little on the sprocket. Now the knee is slightly more sore than it normally would be and getting extra ice treatment. I'm sure it will be fine for my run tomorrow.
This ride today hurt some, I was not making good time by the end of it. Good thing I've got some weeks before the race. Getting stronger, and the bike keeps my ego in check.