Sunday, August 8, 2010

Training Day 2

Run: outdoors around my neighborhood. 25 minutes. approx 2.8 miles (according to the truck). Intensity- moderate. I've done that run a few times now and it was nice to get a clock on it. Right calf finished a little tight. Lots of stretching and water now. Maybe a banana or a smoothie with a banana in it for breakfast is in order.
Tomorrow is an off day so I'm going to a nearby used bike store to pray (prey) for better prices after work.


  1. Hey get jog tracker for your phone, you can get it in the marketplace. It is good for walking, running, jogging, etc. and it's a free app. Matt and I use it when walking...

  2. Sorry incomplete comment. It works for cycling too and it tracks you by GPS and gives you time, distance, pace, etc and you can create an online account so it can track you all through your training.