Monday, August 30, 2010

Rest Day Picture Funny + Supplemental

I'm probably not going to do this every Monday (or Weds, when that becomes my rest day in a few weeks) but this is really funny and it needs to be shared.
I have two caption options:
"You think that's cool? You should see my swim bike!"
"Meh, Vibram makes a better one, and it's more the way nature meant for man to ride."
Got a better one? Post it!

Rest Day Supplemental (but say it like Picard. Say it like Picard! Make it so, damnit!):

I got home early from school today and was chilling on the couch watching a Tosh.O rerun when two things happened. 1) I realized its a beautiful day and 2) Cycle Dirtbag texted me about a ride he just went on and basically dared me to go for a ride. Let's just say that that kind of juvenile behavior works...really...well. So I suited up and went on a nice, easy, 30 minute ride. I didn't even bother clocking the distance or going anywhere special. I figure all last week was pretty easy and cycling is my weakest discipline, so a little extra couldn't hurt. So I'm not very good at rest day this week. But it was a nice ride.

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