Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wherein I Run in the Rain

But not much rain. Just some sprinkles. Felt good, really. The whole workout felt good. I'm constantly amazed that my runs feel as good as they do. I was a swimmer forever. I had flippers instead of feet. Could barely run a mile without dying. And now I'm having great runs nearly every time I go out.

Run Summary:
Time- 35:05
Distance- 3.67mi

I'm thrilled with this distance. And it was down and then back up a pretty good hill which had kicked my ass in the past. I run with a watch timing me since my workout overviews don't talk about distance at all, instead only about time. Only swimming gives distances, which I've ignored since day one. So I need to think about the time out and back with a fade. This was down a hill, like I said, so I needed to plan for a fade and for a climb, and nailed it. Proud. Pleased. But I'm looking ahead and see runs over an hour in a few weeks. That'll be fun. Wonder how happy I'll be then. At least I'm running over the distance of the race. That'll help come race time.
It'll really help because I'm worried about finding other gears during the race. I've got a solid cruise speed that would get me through the race, which is ok. And I know that I'm supposed to just be concerned about finishing since it's my first. But if I can do more than just finish, if I can really push, that'll make me happier. Overtraining will help me find other gears. Same concern on the bike, but found a really nice place to ride today that's going to help with that.

On to the weight set:
3 x 15 Shoulder Fly- 20lbs
3 x 15 Lunges
3 x 15, 8, 5 Pullups
3 x 15 Squats (last set on the Bosu Ball)
3 x 15 Bench Press- 55lbs (15, 15, 9)

You'll notice I added leg stuff to my workout. This is because I'm looking forward at the race and I need to get my legs ready to get slammed. Running and cycling alone won't do it, not enough. So I'm adding weightless squats, lunges, and probably some other stuff later.
Next week is a rest week, so my minutes and yardage are lower. But looking past that, I'm going to need a rest week. Things get long and rough soon.

...that's what she said. (Sorry, I held it back as long as I could)

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  1. Great job! Good for you son. This is just amazing watching (reading) you progress so well. Keep it up.