Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Super Awesome Wife Answers

A few weeks ago I opened this forum to my readers, letting them ask the Super Awesome Wife any questions they had. Only a few questions were asked, and she did her best to answer them. So let's get to this.

Oooohhh. Fun!
1) What is the most embarrassing things(s) Doug has ever put you through? Feel free to use a separate piece of paper and you may stop after the first 50 or so.
Must think about this.  Nothing jumps to mind.  But there's probably something. [Ed. Note: Seriously, I bothered her forever about this and she swears I've never really embarrassed her. I must not be trying very hard. Even this didn't.]
2) How long has "The Dirtbag" been referring to himself in the 3rd person? And does this concern you? As in, "Grand High Master Dirtbag of the Universe and Beyond went to work this morning and his subjects did not bow to him..." (You might have already answered this in question #1)
At least as long as he has a blog.  Maybe as long as he's had a Facebook account.  Or maybe always, but I'm so used to it now I can't remember if I ever didn't hear it happen.  Luckily it occurs mainly in his written words, so I don't have to LISTEN to him refer to himself in the third person.  So far it has not been of any concern, but in the event that he starts referring to himself in the third person while talking we may have to find him help.  Do you know anyone in the field?

Grandalf the Grey:
1. How did the whole "dirtbag" nom de plume begin? Is it a term of endearment you use at home? (My wife uses a similar one, it starts with "sack of...")
It's a name he gave himself.  It started sometime in the first year of us dating, and it was when his hair had started growing out during a week he didn't shave.  The hair had reached a point of no longer looking okay without hair gel and he said he looked like a dirtbag.  I said something to the effect of “I like my dirtbag.”  Then we went on a 12-day motorcycle ride and he called himself Dirtbag the entire trip.  In fact, he came up with “rider” names for all of us.  If you look through the archives in his other blog you can find out all about that adventure.  The name is not a term of endearment used at home.  I don't think I've ever called out “Dirtbag” while hoping to gain his attention.
2. Does he wear his hair long and have a goatee because he is a metalhead, or is it really because he has a secret fantasy of being a wizard?
It's because he wants you to think he's a metal head, and because he has a secret fantasy about being a wizard.  Professor Snape to be exact.  If he finds out wizards aren't real he'll probably decide he wants to be a Jedi instead. [Ed. Note: Pirate. Duh.]
3.Does he steal your hair care products?
Nearly all of them.  To be fair I don't have many.  Mostly he's after the hair ties and my brush.  And if we go somewhere he needs to use my comb because he never remembers to bring his own.  The only thing he hasn't stolen is my hair clips.  I don't have to worry about my shampoo or conditioner though.  He has his own.  For a while there though, he did have more products than I – because he was using hair gel.

1. What did you do in the Army before getting your medical discharge?
I was an intelligence analyst.
2. Are Doug's students scared of him when they first see him in his long hair and tattoos?
Nah, they've all been hoping since at least the third grade that they would end up in his class.  One fourth grader (who actually didn't end up in his class) has been hoping to be in his class since kindergarten. [Ed. Note: Children have a much more acute bullshit detector than adults do and they read me instantly. They know I'm playing too.]
3. Does Doug obsess about how is going to fit in a training session?
Yes.  And he turns into Mr. Grumpy Pants if he misses them.  But he's worst when he's hungry.
4. Where are you folks from?
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle.  After the army I spent a lot of time in Colorado.  Doug grew up in Southern California, near LA.  We met here in Hawaii.

The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy:
How do you feel about Dirtbag's seemingly ridiculous training schedule?
The training schedule seems a little out of hand sometimes.  And every now and then it is incredibly annoying because there is something I want to do but it has to fit in around his workout.  Or I want to stay home but he's already left for a destination where I have to meet him in half an hour.  Mostly though it isn't a problem.  I just finished a graduate program so most of the training was happening while I was studying or asleep.
Would you like to do more races and other sorts of senseless acts of fitness?
I have begun doing my own random acts of fitness.  Mostly walking.  It doesn't interfere with my intense water phobia or fear of two-wheeled things.  I would run, but I gave it up when I left the army.  I did the 5k of Sharon's ride/run/walk and the Women's 5k.  I am planning to do the three events in the Women's run series [Ed. Note: the Tri Fitness 5k, HPH 10k, and Wahine Half Marathon] .  Mostly because after the out loud thought of “you're crazy” when people said they'd done a marathon or half marathon I would secretly think “hey, that's kinda neat. Too bad running sucks.”  Then I found out I could walk the events and I decided to go for it.
How do you like living in Hawaii? 
Living in Hawaii is alright.  Sometimes I miss winter because I enjoy skiing.  I've also reached the point in my life where I think maybe having a couple of kids would be a fun thing to do, which makes me wonder how much longer I can afford to live here.
How do you feel about Doug lifting my idea to do a post like this? Feel like he lacks creativity?
It isn't too bad, I did answer the questions. [Ed. Note: To be fair, it worked really well for you. And if teaching taught me anything, it's steal good ideas.]

So there we go, folks. This first Ask the Super Awesome Wife Answers. It was fun. Maybe we'll try again in a while. Keep an eye out for Super Awesome Write-Ups about the random acts of fitness she's been undertaking recently.

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  1. S.A.W., Thanks for the 411. Its cool to get to know the better half of the Dirtbag. BTW, I totally understand how hard it is for a young couple starting a life here in the island. It is expensive.

    Hey Doug, I didn't know you grew up in SoCal. Although I am from Molokai, I went to high school in SoCal. I lived in Fountain Valley at the time. Of course, that was about 100 years before you were born.