Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brrrr (but Hawaiian)

Swim (Tuesday)
1 x 200- warm-up
4 x 500- 1) 7:18
              2) 7:14
              3) 7:16
              4) 6:59
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 2300yd

time- 2:05
distance- 31mi

I think the 4 x 500 swim set is going to be a good measuring stick going forward in my training. I couldn't be happier about how those times look for where I am. The splits are exactly like I would have predicted for a 4x set. I'd only done 200yd before the first one, so it acted as an extended warm-up and of course is a little slower. The second is where I start feeling my groove and dig in, putting in a quicker time than the first. The third is where two things happen. 1- fatigue begins to set in and 2- the brain starts thinking ahead to really pounding the last one. So it is slightly slower. And the fourth one is where you realize you've got seven minutes of hard swimming left and damn it, you can push anything hard for seven minutes. I actually thought the wheels were going to come off during number four. I went out way too hard and struggled to get the pace fixed in the middle third so that the last 150 yards were grit-your-teeth-and-go hard. The most difficult part of finishing this set strong? Keeping the stroke from going to hell just because you're pushing. Technique trumps GAAAAA MUST HAVE ALL THE FASTER SWIM GO NOW KICK PULL GRAB FLAIL every time. The most difficult part of the set? Not falling asleep during it. Long sets like that can be a challenge just because it's easy to get black line hypnosis. And when that happens everything falls away.
Pictured: The Weather Right Now
The ride was a pleasant surprise because I didn't think I was going to get to ride outside at all. The weather here has been pants on head crazy and I honestly was expecting pouring rain or cats and dogs falling from the sky or possible locusts. Instead I got bloody wind. Wind that meant there was some pedaling going downhill. Few things cyclists hate more than pedaling downhill. I don't know if it gave me a push going back up Pineapple, so I'm going to say it didn't and take complete credit for my decent time. Instead of whipping around and hitting it again I decided to head to base and tackle Kolekole, since I haven't done that in a while. I don't know if its gotten shorter or flatter but it sure isn't as bad as it used to be, Still isn't great and I'm not flying up it like I think I should be, but it you check out the elevation chart below you'll see a pretty steady pace over a solid grade.
You know what else wind does? It makes you freaking cold. Especially jamming downhill in lycra and sweat. And I don't want to hear it from you mainland people still in the midst of "winter" and dealing with "snow". Whatever. I'm used to 75* so my It's Cold Now gauge is broken.


  1. I like the swim set... its another one I need to steal from you. Yeah, it has been cold. I am supposed to commute to work on my bike tomorrow. I'll be leaving the house in the dark and cold (around 5:15). Hopefully the commute home will be warm. You put in some good mileage.

  2. Those are some sick swim times. Sean jealous. :(

  3. I would trade many things for your 500 swim times plus even 15-20%. Damn.

    They say you can make it up on the bike. Yeah, whatever.

    1. Gracias, but having a fast swim really is a mixed blessing. It means I get out with the quick guys, but then the slower swimmers/faster cyclists burn by me. And finally the runners. Kind of sets me up to get passed all day.
      When I'm in charge I'm going to switch the order of the events around, throwing the swim at the end. Sure, some of the weaker swimmers will probably drown after riding 25 miles and running 100 yards (hey, I'm in charge, we're running 100 yards), but that just means more space on the podium.

    2. There is a sprint tri out here that does it backwards, at the Rose Bowl. So lane swimming.

      *Dirtbag ego boost engaged*

      I bet you could kick Lance Armstrong's ass in the water. Just sayin ;)

      *Dirtbag ego boost complete*