Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ask the Super Awesome Wife

*Full Disclosure: I am completely ripping off the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy with this, but I really like the idea and I give him full credit. Wouldn't want to anger a local barefoot superhero.*

Ladies and gentlemen, Dirtbag friends and followers, have I got a treat for you! Now is your chance to ask the Super Awesome Wife of your favorite Dirtbag any questions you like, and she has promised to answer all of them*. You can ask her anything you want about herself and about the care and feeding of the Dirtbag triathlete himself.
Some background about Super Awesome Wife to help you get started. She spent 2 1/2 years in the Army before getting a medical discharge. She just finished school and got a job teaching Pre-K (read: 3-4 year olds) Special Education. She thinks that squished pennies are the best souvenir a person could possibly get for themselves somewhere and has developed a system and rules to govern the selection and creation of said squished pennies. While not as active as myself she has completed the Great Aloha run and the Dash portion of a Splash and Dash biathlon relay as a walker. She is also signed up for a 5k this weekend, and another next weekend. The latter is part of a Women's Fitness Series which will include a 10k and half marathon. Most importantly in the Team Dirtbag context, she is the Official Dirtbag Fitness Nutritionist, Photographer, and Cheer Leader. I would totally ask her about food, she is an awesome cook. And I don't just say that because I would starve and die without her at this point.

Please post the questions in the comments section of this post and in a week or so I'll turn it over to her and let her make fun of me for 500+ words. Have fun and be creative. I'm as interested to find out what I'm going to learn as you are.
**Edit: Here is the post with her answers**

*or as many as she feels like before she gets tired of it


  1. Oooohhh. Fun!
    1) What is the most embarrassing things(s) Doug has ever put you through. Feel free to use a separate piece of paper and you may stop after the first 50 or so.
    2) How long has "The Dirtbag" been referring to himself in the 3rd person? And does this concern you? As in, "Grand High Master Dirtbag of the Universe and Beyond went to work this morning and his subjects did not bow to him..." (You might have already answered this in question #1)

  2. 1. How did the whole "dirtbag" nom de plume begin? Is it a term of endearment you use at home? (My wife uses a similar one, it starts with "sack of...")
    2. Does he wear his hair long and have a goatee because he is a metalhead, or is it really because he has a secret fantasy of being a wizard?
    3. Does he steal your hair care products?

  3. 1. What did you do in the Army before getting your medical discharge.

    2. Are Doug's students scared of him when they first see him in his long hair and tattoos?

    3. Does Doug obsess about how is going to fit in a training session?

    4. Where are you folks from?

  4. How do you feel about Dirtbag's seemingly ridiculous training schedule? Would you like to do more races and other sorts of senseless acts of fitness? How do you like living in Hawaii?

    How do you feel about Doug lifting my idea to do a post like this? Feel like he lacks creativity?