Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fear the Greeks

Run Day

I ran about two miles today. I planned seven. But, Dirtbag friends, I had fear and needed to stop.
For the last week or so I've been getting small, quiet twinges in my right heel, sometimes up to my right Achilles tendon. They come and go and for a while it would work itself about after a few minutes of running. I told myself the tendon just needed to warm up and stretch out. But now I feel it occasionally when I'm walking around and noticed it pushing off the wall during yesterday's swim.
I'm worried I'm working on a case of Achilles tendonitis. All the signs point that direction. I'm not greatly pleased, because my runs have been pretty great recently, but I'm not too worried either because the pain is very slight still so I think I caught it nice and early. Like I said, I ran only two easy miles today. Think I might take Thursday off from running, and see how I feel Sunday. I'm icing as I type and will continue to do that. I'm not complaining, because it could be way worse, and I might be overreacting because I have a tendency to do that sometimes, but it's better to be safe.
Dirtbag's have the best icepacks

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  1. I thought BF runners don't get AT? Anyways, I had AT pretty bad last year so here's my words of advice. Ice as much as you can. Use a foam roller, pvc pipe, rolling pin, "The Stick" to massage the calves (when my calves get tight, my AT hurts). RockTape or KT tape it. Start doing Eccentric calf raises. I'm not sure if it was mental but compression socks made it feel better. Lastly, if you really want it gone, give acupuncture a shot. I know a cheap legit place in town you can check out. Was a little skeptical but worked for me. Glad you didn't suck it up and push through the pain. AT is a serious killjoy.

  2. I have a run injury I am working through too. I got it on my 10 mile run on Friday evening. I guess I will blog about it this evening with all the boring details. Its good you did not push it, especially with Hapalua coming up. Btw, "The Stick" works great. I misplaced mine, but as luck would have it, I found one at a garage sale this past Saturday for $2. Yeah Baby... score!

  3. @tri cook... LOL! "I thought BF runners don't get AT?"... I knew that was coming!

    1. Haha. I knew it would sound sarcastic but it's actually a legit question. A few BF runners told me to run barefoot. Mentioned that I wouldn't have AT problems anymore.

    2. It's true, barefoot running cures all ills. This AT problem is probably a hold-over from three years ago when I still worked out in regular foot-killing shoes. That or upping my mileage caught up to me.
      I'm icing and stretching, but don't have the roller. Might have to check that out.
      Rest won't be a problem since my body heard me say I was resting the runs and said, "Well then now is a good time to get sick too!" So I'm also dealing with a head cold. Yay!

  4. I used to be skeptical about gimmicky stuff like foam rollers, but finally broke down and tried one for my torn calf muscle. It worked so well I started using it on my hammies, which had been chronically sore for over a year. Both my calf and hammies are very happy now, so now I swear by the foam roller, or as ultrarunner Mike Muench calls it, the PILLAR OF PAIN! (It hurts soooo gooood!)

  5. I think I have some achilles K-Tape strips I can send out your way. Those rollers really do work too. If nothing else, lay on your belly and have Angela take a rolling pin to your calf. You'll beg for mercy. Also to a gastroc and soleus stretch. Straight knee gastroc stretch, bent knee soleus stretch. Google it.

    Ice massage, ice bath. If it gets worse or doesn't get better, call me.