Thursday, February 16, 2012

St. Crispins Day

1 x 200- Warm-up

Run Day
time- 1:03
distance- 6.53mi

Damn near another dead even split during the run. The swim was a grind-it-out kind of morning, which wasn't great but it got did. It was raining for about half the run and it turns out Dirtbag loves him some running in the rain. I was going to post a short clip from the Danny DeVito movie Renaissance Man, which happens to be one of my favorite movies and is often forgotten when people (teachers) list inspirational teacher movies like Stand and Deliver (my other favorite teacher movie). The scene I wanted was where the drill sergeant is encouraging his boots by yelling at them, "Bring on the rain! I love the rain! My old drill sergeant used to say, 'If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin''". But I forgot about the St. Crispin's Day speech from Henry V. So instead of going on and on I'm going to post that whole scene. Because it's awesome, and Shakespeare is important.

Also, please note that I've done a little playing around with the blog format and added a few pages. It would be very cool if you could click over to the Dirtbag Supports page and at least take a look. Cheers.

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  1. Ah... a ladder swim. Cool, more stuff for me to use.