Friday, February 10, 2012

Stoopid Heater/Mental Run

1 x 200
Jump into spa for five minutes

time- 1:02
distance- 6.5mi

I got to the pool this morning shivering. As I said my last workout post it has been unseasonably cold here on da island. Thursday morning was no exception. It might have been a little worse. I dipped my big toe in and my whole body went, "Woah now! That's freaking cold!"
"Suck it up," said the Tattooed Wake. "We've swum in colder."
"Maybe. But this is gonna suck," my body replied.
The Tattooed Wake was right, but my body was more right. I eased into the water and it didn't get any better. There is an older woman who is always in the pool when I get there, kicking back and forth on a noodle. "It's really cold," I called to her. We don't normally talk, I'm there to work and I'm not friendly when I'm trying to swim. We greet each other. But today I needed someone else to confirm that the water was, in fact, freezing.
"It is really cold. I talked to the office people and they went and checked. They said the heater switch was off. They just turned it back on like ten minutes ago."
Oh. I didn't need to know that. I decided I would do the warm-up and once my blood got flowing I would create a bubble of Dirtbag warmth which would protect me.
Wrong. I did two hundred yards and was still breath-catchingly cold so I decided I was not going to get quality anything going and hopped into the spa. Ahhhhh, warm.
So I spent the day moderately annoyed I didn't get to swim, but at least Monday and Tuesday were quality swims. Then I received a strange, yet motivating email. And that got into my head for the whole run, which was easily the best run I've had on this training cycle. My pace fade from mile 1 to mile 6 is pretty steep, but I'm not sweating it. If I can put together at least one run a week that feels this good I'm going to be happy. A lot of it had to do with not thinking about the run and being excited about taking down Mr. Larmstrong.


  1. See, that's why I never swim at pools that have a hot tub nearby. I'd never get any laps accomplished.

  2. Yet another reason that the ocean is better than the pool. Seriously though, a couple weeks the YMCA's pool heater was broken. Those first few laps were no fun!

    Freakin' Mr Larmstrong!!!

  3. Hahaha...You guys better not come swim in Manoa. Dunno if you could last in our 50m unheated pool.

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