Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Better Than Nothing

60minute Trainer Session

1) I can't take a nap and then get on the trainer.
2) I hated the trainer today, and it hated me right back.

I was feeling good when I left school today. I knew knew I was going to have a good workout when I got home. Then one thing lead to another and I ended up crashing out for 30 (20? 15? 45?) minutes. Whoops. There's nothing harder for me than stopping moving and then getting going again. My normal M.O. is get home, quick change, and back out the door. If my ass hits the couch my energy level plummets and soon its all I can do to reach the remote.
So it was wake up from nap, sit on couch, decide I'm going to rest today then make it up on Friday, then realize I like have Friday completely free of workouts, then call myself a wuss, then stew for a minute, then set up the trainer outside (Super Awesome Wife was still napping and my trainer is the opposite of quiet) and set to work. Oh yeah, and I brought the laptop out with me and threw in the Big 4 DVD on Megadeth.  
Well, with the laptop speakers and media player turned all the way up, while I was pedaling I could hear just enough of the music to kind of figure out what song was playing. Good thing I know the songs and can read lips. And then the battery died. This did not help my cause.
I was planning 90 minutes. Needed a good 90. At 30 I wanted to get off and I swear the only thing that kept me on the trainer was thinking about writing this blog and having to write, "30 minutes." That's right, Dirtbag friends, you all shamed me into sticking it out a little longer. But it was quickly obvious I wasn't making 90. Oh, I probably could have, but it would have degenerated into hate-riding. Chugging away at some ridiculously low cadence simply to get in time on the bike. And that sucks when you're out on the road, let alone on the treadmill of the bike world.
I had a workout planned. 15 minute warm-up, then 15 hard, 15 cool, 15 hard, repeat. It wasn't happening. I got some done, I got 60, which is better than 30 and way better than sitting on my ass, but I ain't happy about it.


  1. I am the same way. If I take a nap I am toast. I almost never take naps because of it. Although, naps sure come in handy when one doesn't get much sleep at night. Hey, you got 60 minutes so you get big "after nap" points.

  2. I used to work a night shift, so I got real good at napping. I can take a 15 minute power nap, and then go out for more punishment!