Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solid Brick

Brick Day

Time- 65 minutes
Distance- 18.17mi

Time- 30 minutes
Distance- 3.3mi

Total Time- 1hr 35 minutes
Total Distance- 21.47mi

So much happier right now than I was a week ago. This brick couldn't have gone better. I rode the exact same course as last week since my time then was just above 65 minutes. I figured I could push it a little faster and I was right. I did it about a minute quicker, and my hill climb was 14 minutes. I swear, that thing gets a little bit flatter every time I do it. Makes me feel like I'm making real progress.
So my ride went well. I'm not concerned about the ride. It's the run that was my problem last week. I've been mentally preparing for it since, trying to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it. As a result today I made a few modifications. I dialed the bike back over the last 3/4 of a mile and focused on getting my heart rate down and my breathing slowed. During the transition I also slowed down a little, taking a few extra seconds here to let my heart rate drop a little more. Then I headed out with a positive attitude and quick feet. These things together really made me feel strong as I was starting the run. I wasn't gasping. I didn't feel overtired. My legs felt fresh (enough). It was all good.
I kept up a decent pace during the run. It's not much under a 10 minute mile, but a little is better than nothing. Honestly, with the way I felt today, I think I can throw down a pretty strong run. This is assuming, of course, that I swim, ride, and run my own race and avoid ego racing. Having people around me will help me because it's going to push be during all three disciplines. But it could hurt because my ego will be screaming, "Catch that guy! With the red shorts and the hat! Get him! Go!" I will have to listen to him just enough to push myself, but not enough to bonk.
I feel like I'm developing a race strategy. It's not a great strategy, but I've never done this before. Confidence is high today. You'll notice that this brick time was four minutes lower than last week's brick, yet I went 0.4mi further. That's excellent. I needed this brick to go well. Feel strong.

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  1. Yippee. Now that sounds like Doug. Good work, both physical and mental. Are you planning on doing an all three workout before the race? I don't mean full distances, just to actually do all the transitions and racing together at one workout? So happy and excited for you.