Friday, October 22, 2010

One More Early Morning (And The Non-Party Party Update DLC)

Brick Day Swim/Bike

Distance- 500yds
Time- 7:49


Got up early this morning for my final swim and bike. Nothing was challenging and, in fact, I didn't even actually ride the bike. I was in the pool at the gym by 5:30am, did my 500 yards to stretch the muscles out and get the feel for swimming that early, and then got out and got on a stationary bike. I didn't ride mine because I would have had to tote it to the gym, lock it somewhere, run through the gym wet, ride in the dark, lock it again, shower, change, then go to school. Easier just to leave it home and use the gym's equipment. I am paying for it, after all. Boring 30 minutes on the gym bike, then I was outta there.
For those of you just tuning in, I am doing my first triathlon this Sunday. I've been kicking my ass for three months to prepare for it and I think I'm ready. I know this will be a very mental event. I have to believe and know that I'm fit enough, strong enough, and prepared enough to not only finish (I have no doubt I can finish), but finish strongly and do well. "Well" is a relative term, of course. I have no baseline for what "well" is. This is all experimental at this point. I'm also excited to get it done so I have a frame of reference for next time. I already know training changes I would make for next time. I also need to find myself a bicycle, since the one I'm using is a borrowed ride. This whole cycle has been a great learning experience for me and I'm looking forward to putting those lessons to use next time.
I'm pretty positive there will be a next time. Unless there is some unforeseen tragic event this Sunday, some reason I realize I'm not liking this at all, there will be a next time. And I just don't see something like the happening (hence it being "unforeseen").
Team Dirtbag's Official Parental Booster Club (TDOPBC) hit island today specifically to watch the race, which is really nice. Hawaii is a long way away and it ain't cheap. Takes some of the cheering at 6:30am duties off Stitches, which I'm sure she appreciates.
Tonight is some kind of athlete welcome party thing out at the venue and we'll be hitting that in a few hours. If there's anything exciting I'll update this post.
****Added 9:25pm***
The Non-Party Party Update DLC
The website for the triathlon says that tonight out at the resort there will be an "Athletes Welcome Party". Well...not so much. Turns out what that really means is "If you're an athlete competing in our event you are more than welcome to hang out at the bar/lounge in the hotel, which will not be marked in any way, nor will the people who work at the hotel be notified you might be stopping by so they will be really confused when you ask where the Athlete Welcome Party is, and they will try to help you but really they'll just be sending you out to wander around the hotel area trying to find this fictional 'party' which doesn't exist because we were not specific about this particular portion of the event." So, what that means is we got there, couldn't find where we were supposed to go, Sarah at the restaurant was very helpful twice and got us all the way straightened out, and we ended up at the lounge we started in. Turns out the event organizer just meant that athletes could meet and hang out in the bar/lounge if they felt like it, but they weren't going to actually do anything that night. Could have been much clearer. We did, however, find out where tomorrow's stuff will be, so that hopefully saved some time. This is the glitch for the weekend.

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  1. That's so cool that they could head over your way to see you race. I'm sorry Matt and I can't be there! We'll cheer from California, wave if you can hear us :-)