Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Brick In The Wall

Brick Day- 35/25

Time- 35.28 minutes
Distance- 10.18mi

Time- 26.05 minutes
Distance- 2.68mi

Total Distance- 12.86mi

This was the final brick in this wall. Like my swim, I cruised it. I didn't work too hard, my heart rate never really rose, my breathing was never labored. It's purpose was to get the muscles moving and prepare them for Sunday.
I'm actually pretty happy with both parts of today's brick, especially considering the above paragraph. 10 miles in 35 minutes when I'm not working isn't too shabby. That means when I'm pushing race-style I should be making good time. And the run felt great. If you look at the time/distance correlation its right around 10min/mile. And I was cruising slow. That is encouraging. There was lots of speed not being used during today's run, no heavy breathing or leg strain at all. I think I'll be able to pump the run on Sunday. Looking forward to it.
I feel strong and I feel as ready as I could be. Rest day tomorrow.

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