Saturday, October 9, 2010

Longest Ride

Cycle Day

Time- 2:04hrs
Distance- 30.02mi

Longest ride of the training cycle today. I went down to Haleiwa, around there, then climbed back up the hill and still had 20 minutes left so I decided to head down towards the base and through town. It was nice to have the time to do all of that. I wasn't sure I would. I had planned on being in and around Haleiwa until I had 45 minutes left then climbing back up but it was not to be. I started up earlier than that and I think I got up the hill faster than ever before again. It felt good. I went in cycles from really good cadence, strong focus down to kind of spacing out and slowing down, but all in all it went well.
Was pushing liquid the whole ride, it was plenty hot today and I didn't want to get dehydrated. Over all, a 15mph pace for two hours makes me happy. I think that means I'm bike fit for the race. Next week the intensity will drop off a little as I start a taper towards race day. Tomorrow is an hour run, which I'm going to use as interval training. Five minutes run, five minutes sprint, five minutes jog, repeat. Should help the run.
Also, I'm watching the run portion of the Ironman World Championships on the interwebs and these people are crazy. The distance is a marathon and the leaders are cruising like its a 10k. Fantastic. Amazing.

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