Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honking at Me is Startling

Run Day

Time- 45 minutes
Distance- 4.91mi

When I'm running down the side of the road, focused, trying to keep my pace up, trying to keep my feet quick, honking at me makes me jump and curse at you.
In other news, another pretty good run today. Last hard run of the training cycle and I'm happy with it. It was another interval run (5min run, 5min sprint, 5min jog, repeat) I feel like I squeezed a lot out of the third sprint today. Really worked it hard. I know I'm not fast, but I no longer feel so slow. Wish I'd have been doing intervals every Sunday run. Next time I know better.
We are now seven days out, ladies and gentlemen. Seven days from now at this time I'll be back at my house taking a nap after completing my first triathlon. I'm excited. Are you excited? Lets get excited! In seven days Dirtbag Fitness goes worldwide! ...ok, that last one was a little much, but you get the idea.

1 comment:

  1. This has been such a learning curve for you, I can't wait until you train for the next one, it will be such a different experience!!