Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Long Run In Blessed Shoes

Run Day
time- 60 minutes
distance- approx. 6mi

The last long run of this training cycle almost didn't happen. Its been pouring here all morning and while I'm ok with running in the rain, I'm not ok with drowning during it. Luckily the rain eased up and I was able to get out and get on the road with only slight sprinkles. I felt good, went easy, and didn't push. Can't say too much about that.
Once I got home and checked my KSOs I realized that Fail has been brewing and I'm running out of time to prevent it. You may remember my posting a while ago that I had holes in my KSOs. So I ordered new ones. Those came and gave me serious blisters when I tried to run sockless in them. So I have gone back to my old KSOs and I'll be replacing the new ones as soon as I can get to an REI. I thought I would have plenty of time and I wouldn't have to mail them. Not so sure anymore.
Above is how the holes looked when I first discovered them. The two on the toes are the most obvious but there is a teeny tiny one by my thumb that is hard to see.
See it now? Holy holey shoes, Batman! When the hell did that get there?I'm not sure if its been building over time or if I stepped on a sharp rock in exactly the right place and did it all at once but...damn. Also, check this out:
A hole in my sock? Really? Really? I wore a hole in my sock. Gaaaa...
Now, I'll still be wearing these next Sunday. They are my favorite shoes to run in and its not a good idea to switch gear right before a race. But I'm going to have to say goodbye after Honolulu. Sad Dirtbag. Until I get new ones that fit better. Happy Future Dirtbag.

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