Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back, Baby! (and a short BIkila review)

Ride Day
distance- 30.4mi
time- 1:32

Run Day
distance- 6.1mi
time- 57min

First workouts back after my week of sitting on the couch watching TV and playing video games. And I gotta say, I'm pleased with one and not terribly shocked by the other.
After throughly checking the bike over and determining that aside from an out of whack aerobar and bottle cage, both easily fixed, everything was hunky-dorey I hit the road for a ride down in to town. I've done this ride a few times now and I really like it. The first third is downhill, but not in a huge WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE kind of way. Just enough that I get a small false sense of ability. Then it mostly levels out and there are a few climbs and dips before a straight shot to the finish. Its a good time. And I feel I laid down a good time doing it. Check it out, thats about a 20mph pace. Right off my race pace. Can't complain. And I need to get used to bigger distances so this is a good place to start. There are big future bike plans for Dirtbag Fitness so stay tuned.
As for my run...meh. It was slower than race pace, which frustrates me. But I know exactly why it was slower. This is the last week of school. Lots going on. I have a hard time staying inside my head normally for an hour. So focus was not working out today. My plan for running is to find a track, I think there is one on base, so I can work on getting my Fast going. And to make six miles feel like the short distance. I don't plan on doing any runs less than six if I can help it. This will begin to prepare me for whatever the future of Dirtbag Fitness holds.
Today was also my first run in the Bikilas and so far I like them just fine. There is slightly more underfoot than the KSOs, but that's the point of these shoes since they are the running-specific VFF. And that "slightly more" is only noticeable because of how much time I spent wearing and running in my KSOs. It still is pretty much as minimal as you can get without taking them off completely (or rocking some huraches, which I haven't done yet but am interested in). Right now the toe shoes feel a little tight, but I bought them that way. VFFs tend to stretch slightly and I've found it's better to err on the side of tight. I wish I had them last Sunday during my race.
Distances will build, strength will come, and pain will pass into power. Dirtbag Fitness is on a goal-seeking mission.

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  1. I sense a 70.3 coming soon for you. You're chomping at the bit.

    The huaraches are interesting but the feeling isn't the same at all as fivefingers. Huaraches have a very tribal feel, which is historically appropriate. fivefingers and real barefooting have...well, a barefoot feel.

    And where is there a drool-worthy photo of the second-leg steed? Frequent bike pics are mandatory on any respectable tri blog!