Monday, May 30, 2011

How Was Your Weekend?

Ride Day- Saturday
distance- 50mi
time- 3:09

Run Day- Sunday
distance- 6.5mi
time- 1:00

I was going for a long weekend this weekend. Nearly made it. I turned the corner on the way back to the house Sunday, had about a mile to go, and my stomach just cramped up hard on me. Had to walk it back, I had no choice in the matter. Still, a 56.5 mile weekend isn't something to scoff at.
Travel with me, if you will, to Saturday. I set off, the weather is nice, and I've got 40 miles planned. BAM! Wind. Bad wind. Crazy wind. But I'm Dirtbag Tough and I fight through that. Head down Pineapple Hill, do my Haleiwa course, and back up Pineapple Hill. Brutal. Not the climb, though it ain't easy. The wind. The wind pushed me around like it wanted my lunch money. But then it got better. I must have found a small space of road wherein the wind could not reach me. Trees were my friend. But the trees allowed me to think, "I feel pretty good. Instead of going on base then home, I think I'll do the ride to school and back. Make it an even 50 miler today. Why not?" Stupid trees. Especially since half the thought that got me back up the mountain was, "Only 40 today." And there are no wind blocks on the last 20 miles of that ride. Slowest. Return. Ever. But I made it, I fought through. And my total time was just over three hours. Not too bad.
As for my run, you already know how it ended. It started much better than that. Felt great. Quick stride, strong. It was hot out but I'm too strong for that to have bothered me. Much. As a moral booster, I climbed a bus bench. No, really. The turn around point for my run was a bench at the TheBus stop. So I hopped on to it, struck a heroic pose for a moment for the passing cars, then hopped down and continued on my way. I must get faster on my feet. It'll come.
More on the future of Dirtbag Fitness some time this week. I have plans. Soft plans. But plans.

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  1. I gotta agree, the wind was pretty crazy. Almost got blown off the road on Sunday. If you feel like getting up early and taking a drive, you're welcomed to join me on my route.