Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buying All The Things!

Your favorite Dirtbag is making purchases like I have money! Which I only kind of do!
The first purchase made was a shiny new pair of running shoes. After much talking about it I finally got paid and went to the best running store on the island, Runners HI, and picked out a pair of Vibram's running-focused shoe, the Bikila. I've been meaning to get my toes on these babies for a while now (even before my KSOs decided to prepare for the faux-Rapture) and was quite excited by them. I haven't actually gone for a run wearing my new kicks yet, having been on a one week Sit On The Couch And Not Workout post-training training plan*. So next week, when a run does actually happen, I'll be sure to give a full run-down (get it? Get it!?).
To go along with the merriment of spending money on triathlon stuff, I also bought Kratos a new seat! Why, you ask. That is a good question. Especially if you look back through my many many many posts and notice that not once have I even mentioned needing or wanting a new seat. Well, dear reader, what happened is this: As I was putting my bike up on the rack the day before the Honolulu Tri I noticed a small tear in the seam of the seat. Not a large or even a large-ish tear. Just a small one. But in the sun/rain/sun weather we have here who knows how long it will take that small tear to becoming Epic Seat Fail. So to be on the safe side I started searching and researching new seats. I really like the one that is on the bike now but couldn't find it for a decent price. So google google google, text Cycle Dirtbag, google google, open seventeen tabs on my browser for comparison purposes, aaaaand paypal! I went with a Specialized Romin Expert Saddle, found on ebay. Why ebay? The seller advertised free shipping! Free shipping to The Rock (my Rock, not the Nic Cage movie, which was pretty awesome**) practically means I have to buy it. Why that particular saddle? It's got excellent reviews all around and looks to be similar in shape to the one currently on the bike. I'm also excited about the anatomical groove down the center which is supposed to ease pressure on the, to quote the always eloquent Jeremy Clarkson, "gentleman's sausage" and surrounding areas. Hopefully it gets here and I'm as happy with it as I think I will be.
Bonus best part of the saddle purchase is how I paid for it. I didn't! You did. Thanks to your wonderful donations during the Guess My Time 50/50 Challenge I was able to completely pay for my newest piece of cycling equipment using only my paypal account balance. This is the bomb-diggity, as the kids don't say anymore. And be assured that as soon as it comes in there will be pictures of the Dirtbag Derriere perched atop it. I know, you can't wait.

*SOTCANW training plan designed by Dirtbag Fitness. For more information please donate $500 and send me an email requesting all my tips and tricks

**I would like to point out I could have gone with a wrestling joke right there but didn't. You would have expected that. So instead I went with a movie that the millions...AND MILLIONS of The Rock's fans have seen and enjoyed. Especially the part when Sean Connery takes his boot, shines it up real nice, AND SHOVES IT RIGHT UP ED HARRIS' CANDY ASS!!! *People's Eyebrow*

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