Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honolulu Olympic Tri Photo Blog of Magnificence

A race report and Official Announcement of the Winner of the Dirtbag Fitness 50/50 Guess My Time Contest is forthcoming. For now you may bask in the glow of the Photo Blog:

The wife was amused by being able to see my hair through my cap. I am an important part of this relationship.

Mass of athletes preparing for the staggered swim start. Men 35 and younger go first.

I'm the guy in the orange cap. See me?

That guy had been drafting off me for 300 yards. Jerk.
(This will be funnier when the race report comes up)

Never too tired to throw a kiss to the Sexy Wife

Its a good thing I'm putting my helmet on.

All right, Dirtbag, let's get some.

Mounting up...

...And getting gone

...And coming back

Yeah, thats mud and road rash. I forgot to keep the rubber side down. Stupid cones.

I'm scraped but I'm Dirtbag Hardcore.

Have to throw the wife another kiss.

Chugging away.

Finish hard, and with a solid time

Road rash close-ups. This wasn't too bad on my leg, mostly just dirt

And I killed a bug with my throat. You don't try to impede the Dirtbag.

Scrapes right after the race.

Tagged my elbow pretty good too.

One more goal achieved. Time to go find more.


  1. Dang, good thing the swim is first otherwise that would have stung :-( Hope you heal ok. So proud of you!!!!

  2. Wait - is that DM on your calf for my mom?????

  3. Dirtbag! Get me that race report post-haste man! Mostly because I have to know how a cone broke the sticky-side-down policy...

    Looks good though sir. Forgot a camera for today's race so I have no physical evidence of all my claims of bravery and valor other than my dogtag...

  4. I know who wins!! And it isn't me, boo...I shoulda stuck with my first second guess, I was RIGHT ON!!!! Damn you for telling me your run time was wrong on the other blog.

  5. Great job boy child!! So proud of you. Your road rash looks owie. Who won??

  6. Meg- Yes it was.
    Dunte- It'll be up in a day or two. Its good story.
    Mom- I haven't looked closely at the times yet. Pretty sure I know who won and no it wasn't Summer.

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