Saturday, May 14, 2011

Honolulu Tri Prerace Photo Blog Extravaganza!!!

Race Time: T-minus a coupla hours or so
Rather than do a pre-race packet pick-up-hyphen-filled write-up I thought that I would share the pictures that came out of this morning's preparation activities. So that's what you get instead. So there.

The morning's first activity was inspired by high school swimming and helping me get my head on right.


I have sexy legs. I can't not say that.

Once at Magic Island I had to wait in line to get my packet. My line is the slowest line. I choose not to see this as an omen.

Kratos ready for blood. *kiss* Have a good night!

Nifty neato at this race, we got stamped instead of Sharpied. Body marking took place today to speed up tomorrow. Good call. True story: When she was stamping me she asked if I wanted the stamp on the tattoo or below. I told her, "Below. If no one can see the tattoo how will them know I'm a tough guy?" She laughed at me. Why do they always laugh?

A nice, neat stamp on my freshly shorn calf...

Which I immediately smear with my shorts.

Dirtbag 77. I saw a woman who got 666. I want 666! That would be the most metal race ever!

I bought a new hat for the race. Then I tried taking a picture of it and walking at the same time.

The most reliable pre-race dinner: tofu tacos. Light, full of protein, and super healthy. My stomach is always happy in the early morning with these.

Yay for Super Sexy Wife!

What they gave me (minus the hat)

So tomorrow morning at 6:03am I'll be the guy with the bright orange swim the middle of all the other bright orange swim caps.

So that's it. Time to hit the sack, I've got an early morning ahead. I'm ready. I'm strong. Let's get some.

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