Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Days of Strong

Swim- 3250yds
Bike- 30mi/1:27

Run- 45min fartlek

I know I haven't been writing my swim workouts down and I'd like to but I keep doing this away from my workout sheet. Know that it's big yardage, there are multiple 500s in there, and some drill work. I feel very strong in the water right now. I'm pacing under 1:30 on every set, many times going as low as 1:20/100yds but probably hovering around 1:25/100yds. It feels so damn good to swim this way again. I know that going up against guys and girls who swim and only swim I'll still get beat up, but my inner fish is quite pleased right now. Full disclosure: I was supposed to swim yesterday (Tuesday) too, but I could barely keep my eyes open while I was getting ready and decided sleep would be a better choice. Skipping workouts bugs the crap out of me and makes me feel weak, but I think it was the right choice. And as I type this my throat is getting sore and my ears feel a little clogged. Hopefully it'll pass in a day, but today I have a brick planned and I might lighten it up from the distances I want to do. Or I'll fight through that shit, be happy I did, and then be sick and recover on my rest day tomorrow.
The bike went well also. I feel stronger and stronger on the bike. This one, as Monday's have been for a while, was a ride in to Honolulu and mostly downhill or flat, with only a few short climbs I powered up. And by powered up I mean I'm up, out of the saddle, really trying to stomp up the hills and making it hurt. After Sunday's 50-miler, pounding up hills then next day means there is much the hurtage. It's good, makes Dirtbag strong.I still like my new seat as well and am nearly ready to write a review. Couple more rides ought to do it.
Yesterday's fartlek run went pretty well. Legs felt stiff to start (SHOCK!) but by the halfway point they had loosened up and my sprint sections we going fairly fast. I would still be caught by an elderly, asthmatic, fat, lazy rhino at full tilt, but maybe not a blind one with a broken knee. And I finished covered in gnats again! What the hell, gnats? What the hell? I didn't even see this cloud. They were ninja gnats, probably sent on a suicide assassination/retaliation mission gone horribly wrong. As a final insult, my stomach cramped up again in the last five minutes of an otherwise healthy run. I don't know what's going on with my stomach and running but it displeases the Dirtbag. Information will be given to Sister Dirtbag, Official Trainer of Team Dirtbag and we'll see if she has any ideas. I wondering if hydration is my problem. I don't think I've changed anything about my diet between now and all the training I was doing during the last four months.


  1. Are you hydrating or eating anything before the run?

  2. Hydrating with water, I think plenty but maybe not. Might have to be drinking more. And I try to wait an hour after eating anything before I run.

  3. Might be over hydrating. When I'd go on my long runs, I'd would take a small sip of water and maybe a gel. As for eating, I usually go with a 1.5-2hr time frame. Works for me. Were all different though.