Friday, June 17, 2011

Prep Swim

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
1 x 500- 7:30
3 x 200- 3:00 (increasing effort)
3 x 50- Sideline kick
1 x 100- Cool down

Today was all about last minute stroke corrections, visualizing the swim, and getting the muscles stretched out. I think all those goals were achieved. I did the 500 in 7:00, with moderate effort. If I can sustain that effort and speed for the entire race on Sunday I should be fine based on last year's results. I feel like that is something I can do.
My plan is to link up with the lead group and hang out with them. I'm sure they are going to go out hard, but most of the people at the head of this swim will be people who have done it before. They know the distance better than I do. So I'm going to ninja them, get in the group, hang tough, and try to be as smooth and strong as I can for 40 minutes. Sounds like a long time to swim, but I'm used to sustained efforts over that long thanks to my training. I have high hopes for myself. Maybe too high, but its what I do in the water. I know swimming, and I'm going to use that confidence to get me through. Trust.
Easy run for tomorrow, just to keep moving. Also, tomorrow is Cycle Dirtbag's first century and all of us at Team Dirtbag are proud of him for setting such a high goal and following through. Fight through that, get it done. Hopefully he writes some kind of ride report after he conquers the road that I can link to.

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  1. You'll do great. Just get out of your head and let your body do what it knows how to do.