Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three Prep Workouts

Swim- 1000yds nonstop
Ride- time- 34 minutes/distance- 10.3mi

Run- time- 21 minutes

Thus endeth my mini-taper for my last race before summer break, during which I think I may try not to think about riding, running, or swimming too much. That way, when I get back I'm fresh, hungry, and ready to get back at it with a vengeance.
The swim was a straight ahead 40 laps alternating between long, stretched strokes, thinking lots about form and high elbows during the pull phase, and quicker, more explosive laps to keep the blood flowing and to make the muscles fire. Felt good. Felt strong. Like normal, Sunday I'll let my body take over for the swim. It's only 500m. We can work that without accruing much energy debt.
The ride was also just a chance to push some blood through my legs and check everything on the bike one last time. I'm still not 100% about my seat height and positioning, but 48 hours before a race is not the time to futz with things. So I'll leave it be. It'll be fine for 13 fast miles. Everything else felt good and strong. I need to remember to pull through the back half of my pedal stroke to get as much power as possible, and I've been doing much focusing on not dropping my heels. Like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor says, "More power!" Arr arr arrr!
And Saturday's run was an easier affair, without much heavy breathing or mental stress. Just enough to keep the legs awake and prepared for tomorrow's exertions. My stride is short and quick, though not as quick, I think, as it should be. Much like my last Sprint, I want to push through at the end and find a high pace to run at. I know that I have more at the end of the race than I've been using, but the twin barriers of Pain and Fear stand in my head, keeping me from total achievement. Tomorrow I plan on chipping at those again. If I can't scale them, I'll go through. Like I learned in college, If You Can't Be Smarter, Be Stronger. I'll be stronger than Fear and Pain and I'll make my weak discipline come to me and work for me.
It's nearly time to get some.

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