Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Bike Day
time- 1:03
distance- 18.9mi

Today was a god day on the bike. A short day, but a good one. I went back to a course that I used to do a bunch early in my training but hadn't done in a while because it isn't long enough on its own. Actually, I tried to do this route last week Wednesday, but the military thought practicing shooting guns was more important than letting me ride up their hill. Whatever.
It was on to base and a big push up Kolekole Hill. I wanted to go after it today, really try and take a bite out of the climb. And, let me tell you dear readers, I was huffing and puffing for a while there. My legs didn't burn, but the Dirtbag heart was a-goin' BA-BOOM BA-BOOM BA-BOOM! Strange, because I haven't huffed and puffed like that on this particular climb in a while.
Turns out, I had a good reason. I did the climb in 13:00. As a frame of reference, for those of you who aren't avid readers while minds like a steel trap, my goal time up the pass is fifteen minutes. So I was two minutes under. This pleases the Dirtbag. I'm not sure if this is a personal best for this climb, but if it isn't I'm betting it's close.
Today was the last full-on workout before Sunday's race. Tomorrow I'll rest, Friday morning I'll swim and afternoon I'll ride, and Saturday I'll run. I'd like to be able to throw down Sunday. I feel pretty good right now. I'm not in top shape, but I think I'm strong enough to make a good show of it. Looking forward to finding the Pain.


  1. Good to see you recover quickly from your swim race and are now focused on your tri. My goodness, what a well rounded athlete. As I've said before and I'm sure I'll say again, you continue to amaze me and I am SO proud of you.

  2. Very nice. A two minute improvement on a wicked climb sounds about right to make a "god day."

    Seriously though, way to jump right back into the game!