Friday, June 10, 2011

Stupid Sick and Dumb Rain

Swim Day

There was a good swim between now and the last time I checked in. Unfortunately, that's all there has been. Wednesday I planned to brick, but as I was teaching the throat got progressively more sore and I decided to rest rather than workout kind of sick and get more sick. So Wednesday turned in to rest day and Thursday became a swim day because today was supposed to be a ride day. But it was raining at home, the wife and I are irritated at the woman we share cable and bills with, and we needed to get out of the house together. Since she's not much on the working out like I am that meant something other than a long bike ride. Which I'm fine with. I wasn't looking forward to a bunch of time in the rain. So right now this week stands at only 30 miles ridden and around five run, which is awful meager. But the swims have been good, like I said. Might not be in top form for the Firecracker Sprint but I should be strong next Sunday for the 1.6 mile open water race. Honestly, that's what I'm looking more forward to anyway.
Saturday is booked with other stuff, negating the time for a workout, but Sunday may turn in to some type of brick day to get some more miles in for the week.

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