Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Friends

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
200- 3:00
300- 4:30
400- 6:00
500- 7:30
600- 9:00
1 x 50- easy
1 x 300- 4:30
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 2500yds

This morning's swim was a mix between success and failure. Success because aside from the 600, I made every time standard with at least ten seconds rest. The 600 I did on a 9:05, so it's not like I missed it huge. Fail because I was visited by old friends today. Senior Shoulder Pain and his friend, Mr. Elbow Twinge.
The right shoulder, almost from stroke one, was not pleased. I know why. I blasted yesterday, including more butterfly than I've done in a long time (it makes me sad this is true. I should do more fly). Of course those joints were going to complain. And the left elbow, that elbow gets a twinge at the beginning of a hard cycle every time. But they were both bad enough that it was affecting my stroke and my times. I had three 300s planned instead of just the one, which would have lifted the total distance to 3100 yards. I made a Dirtbag Executive Decision to cut that last 600 out and save my joints the strain. I'd rather come in slightly under-trained but healthy than over-do it and strain something. So rest day tomorrow, back in the water Friday afternoon. Ice felt good too.
Still, though, that's a pretty good ladder there. I'll probably build it a little more next week, or do the other end of it too.
There was going to be a run this afternoon but the wife needed Dirtbag-time, and that trumps run time every time.


  1. Good show Doug. Just read your weekend report, what a super wind hero. Take care of your body and don't push to hurt. Love ya!

  2. ice massage, ibuprofen. you know the drill.