Friday, January 27, 2012

On Stubbing Toes and Rolling Ankles

Run Day
distance- 5.03mi

I have heard that the Grey is among the clumsiest trail runners I will ever meet. It seems that I took that as a challenge. I met with the boys yesterday after school for a nice run around the Scout Camp trails of Pupukea. Run, as it turns out, would be overstating a lot of it. I did quite a bit of walking. Let's just say there was much huffing and puffing involved. After all, this is not what anyone would call level. It's more what you would call a whole buncha up and down and up again. Not that I'm complaining, trails and elevation changes induce high DSQ levels , which will eventually induce greater Dirtbag Power, which will then allow for pushing to even greater DSQ levels. It's kind of a sick cycle when you think about it.
To make things interesting, I did try to roll an ankle once. It's fine, but I needed to walk it off and didn't enjoy the split second of watching two weeks of training disappear because of a small misstep. Still a little rightness back there as I sit here, but no pain. I also stubbed the crap out of my pinkie toe. Again. I blame both of these things on my Vibram TrekSports, but one in a good way and one in a painful way. I know for a fact the ankle roll would have been worse had I been wearing normal running shoes. In college I was El Ankle Rollo. But since I started wearing the toe shoes I've come close a few times, but never had a real sprain. The true spread of the foot prevents serious rolls. (Message from Fictional Time Traveling Future Dirtbag- Great, dumbass. Since you typed that sentence we've rolled each ankle nine times. Thanks a lot. Jerk.) But the toe sockets also don't offer much (read: any) protection from roots that jump up in front of the pinkie toe. Gotta get my feet up. There was also some stomach issues right at the end that I had to walk off. So it goes, I'm actively working on finding a solution to that.
I'm not taking a break, I'm taking a picture of the trail

Military convoy passed us on the road back

My what a big gun you have.

It was great to get a run in with Diesel and the Grey, but I feel like I'm holding them back even more on runs than on rides. They never complain and like to joke around (the Grey- "This was good, I needed a recovery run." Me-*gasp huff puff* "Suck it.") but as crazy nutbar ultra-runners five miles through the jungle isn't really what one might call strenuous. I'll get there, and I appreciate the help.
Please don't forget the Ask Super Awesome Wife Q&A post. Go there, ask her anything about anything (seriously, the Google-Fu is strong with her) and she is going to write a response post next week some time.

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  1. Yeah, for sure you would have rolled the ankle much worse with "traditional" shoes. My altra adams lets my toes keep each other company!