Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Low DSQ Run

Run Day
time- 47min
distance- 4.75mi

Nothing very special about today's run, ladies and gentlemen. It was mostly a get back out on the road run. I am noticing that after about two and a half miles the bottom of my right foot is starting to get a little sore. It's probably nothing and my stride feels right, so I'm guessing it'll strengthen on its own. Of course, I'll keep an eye on it and if there is real pain I'll stop the run.

Today's biggest thing was the same refrain as its been for as long as I've been running: slight to moderate gastrointestinal discomfort. I really need to look up ways to deal better with this problem because sometimes it goes away for weeks at a time, but then it flares up, normally before a run but sometimes right in the middle, and it ruins me for the next few workouts because I spend the whole time wondering (read: worrying) if its going to happen again. A sore-tummied Dirtbag is a slow and unhappy Dirtbag. But today wasn't too bad, it was just there for a while, so hopefully I'm on a downswing and as confidence and strength grows the problem will ease. Don't think it is food related because I watch that very carefully now. A big part of the problem, like I said, is that now it is in my head so little things become big things. Anyway, I shall train through it, grow, and get stronger for it.
I'm nearing a choice for my 70.3 training plan, though it is actually looking like it'll be an amalgamation of a few different plans. Probably start the Official Training Plan next week and use this week as a once-a-day getting back into it. I think I hear the pool calling me tomorrow.

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  1. Hear you on the GI issues. When I've had extended issues, I'm sure my worrying made it worse.