Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Know Thy Self

Swim Day
1 x 200- Warm-up*
3 x 300
1 x 100- easy
3 x 200- 1, 2, 3, Swim
1 x 500- 8:30
1 x 100- Cool down**


So Richardson pool on base is a nice pool. Very clean. It's a good workout to swim long course since I'm preparing for open water swimming. It hasn't been too bust when I've been there. But its not heated. I talked about this last time I wrote about swimming here and about halfway through my workout today I realized something: I'm making changes to the one part of my training which needed no changes. I mean, yes, the long course and all that is great and potentially very helpful. But I was having great workouts at my piddly 24 Hour Fitness pool. It's murkier, busier, possibly slightly less than regulation length, and I don't care. Workouts there have been more good than bad, as opposed to the two or three workouts I've had at Richardson, I can go before school or after (they really do stick to the "24 Hour" part of the name), and my results have been strong. I managed to train for both the Waikiki RoughWater and North Shore Challenge, both 2.3 miles of open ocean fun, 25-ish yards at a time. But I've been ignoring that in favor of the novelty of a different pool and the rave reviews of training partners I respect. Sometimes I forget that in one aspect of triathlon I actually do have a ton of experience and I need to trust my instincts. A slightly warmer pool means better blood movement means a better overall workout. And I like flip turns.
Dirtbag Tenant- Thou Shalt Trust Thy Self.


  1. How did you get access to the Richardson pool. Is it public?

  2. Kepa- Super Awesome Wife is medically retired from the Army (they gave her the Anthrax vaccine, which gave her pneumonia and asthma, which got her retired), which means we get access to all the military goodies like the NEX and PX and MWR and on-base stuff. Yay for asthma and pneumonia!

  3. Sounds like what a runner would say..Haha. You don't think it's gross swimming in a heated pool once you're all warmed up?