Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trainers- All the Pain, No Fun

Ride Day
time- 60min
distance- 0 ft

Sean lent me his trainer in a transparent attempt to get me to buy it, but also, as I stated yesterday, because he is a stone cold badass tri Jedi willing to help a brother out. And he likes the thought of my bored and sweating in my living room. Or maybe just sweating in my living room...
Anyway, he also let me borrow a trainer workout dvd he never used but, seeing as it was my first time, I went with some Dream Theater instead, using their Scenes From New York live DVD. Not as brutal as Slayer or Black Flag, but more conducive to a stretch of time on the bike. Speed metal works better for sprints. Or Yanni, because then you run/bike as quickly as possible because, "God I hate this and if I finish faster I can turn it off and not be listening to Yanni anymore."
So the plan for today was there was no plan. Get on, see how I liked it, go until I felt like not going any more. That turned out to be an hour. And I did some small interval work, cruising then cranking and spiking my heart rate (I used the Garmin to track HR but having uploaded the data yet. Poor little thing looked so confused. I could almost hear it, "Why aren't you going anywhere? I'm a GPS, damnit! Let me position something!"). At 30 minutes I decided to climb a hill so I popped the chain on to the big ring/lightest gear and every two minutes shifted up, trying to keep my cadence consistent and my HR above 160. The former was tough, the latter not so much. Once that set was over I spun light for ten minutes, maintaining a HR of 140-ish and rocking out to virtuoso prog metal.
I'll probably mess with the video and some other fancy trainer things later. And I would run tomorrow but my pinkie toe is still sore so I'm resting that. Which is a bummer because I was feeling very run-positive after the trail run and was ready to get back out there and now I can't.

I would make a joke about knowing how to spread towels on the floor for proper coverage...

...but that would be dirty and my parents read this sometimes.


  1. Its like being on a treadmill... boredom!

  2. It's not that bad. I usually watch action or Chinese fighting movies with subtitles on (I can't hear because of the trainer) or play games on the PS3.

  3. Tri Cook- I think I would crash if I tried to play PS3 and ride the trainer at the same time. I'm one of those gamers who steers with the entire controller and leans to look around corners.

  4. You have to approach it like a pool workout. You know very well that if you hit the pool for a swim, but have no structured workout, you end up mindlessly counting laps until boredom sets in. (And for me...boredom sets in quick) You've ended up doing "junk laps" as you have not pushed yourself in any meaningful way.

    If you hop on the bike trainer with no plan and just spin for X amount of time, the same problem occurs. Sure, you have "time in the saddle" and you've gotten the leg muscles involved but it's still junk miles. But if you have a structured workout--like sets of intervals at a defined power level--and there is a feedback loop showing your power, HR and speed, then the time goes by rather quickly and the boredom level drops drastically.
    When things become measurable and repeatable it’s a lot more fun.
    Oh, and Yanni? Seriously? Don’t you know that if you post something online, then it is there FOREVER and can be used against you for…again…FOREVER? Bwaahhhahhaa.

  5. I totally agree with Sean. Everytime I use the trainer, I make sure that I have training goal in mind.

  6. Chimaira is a good band to do intervals to.

    Unless i have no other choice, the only time i can run on a treadmill is during football season - ive come to enjoy going to the gym and watching a game from a treadmill for some reason...

  7. Patrick, I have no Chimera. I ought to check them out.
    And I have to agree about the football/dreadmill thing. A game on the television does help pass the time. I would have also accepted hockey or rugby. Baseball moves too slowly for running.

  8. now i'm curious about the dirty joke spreading towels on the floor for full coverage thing...