Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coupla Workouts and some Whining

Ride Day (Sunday)

Swim Day (Tuesday)
1 x 150- Warm-up
3 x 200- 3:00
1 x 50
2 x 300- 4:30
1 x 50
4 x 100- 1, 2, 3, Swim
1 x 500- 8:00
total- 2500 yards

Sunday was supposed to be a long ride, maybe 50 miles. But my neck had been killing me for the last few days and I really didn't feel like going that far. So I sat on the couch instead. But then Super Awesome Wife called from town and said she was feeling sick and could I come drive home? An excuse to ride a little over 30 miles and not feel like a complete bum for skipping a workout AND get Good Husband Bonus Points? Done and done. It was a pretty nice ride. I was worried about it getting too hot in the mid-day but it actually stayed pretty nice. No rain, but no pounding sun. Traffic was light until I hit Honolulu proper and even then only one guy really seemed like he was trying to kill me.
And my swim today wasn't fast, wasn't even all that smooth, but at least it got swum. Right now I'm in that Stroke Broke Into Pieces phase of getting back in the water. Normally, this feeling lasts about two weeks of regular work and then everything starts clicking again, so it's all about staying patient and staying with it. I was barely making my time standards, but I was making them...mostly. And I didn't get yelled at in the locker room today, so I had that going for me. I had planned a 400 instead of the 4 x 100 set, but because my stroke felt slippy and choppy (these are technical swimmer terms) I choose to go with the 1, 2, 3, Swim drill to get some feel back in my hands. That and slapping the offending appendages palm-down onto the water to, I dunno, wake them up. Both approaches worked well enough and I finished with a slightly better stroke than I started with, but a slower stroke too because I was wearing down.
No running recent;y because I'm pretty sure I jammed my pinkie toe on my left foot during the trail run last week. Seems little, but freaking hurts. No bruising, mostly full range of motion, and it seems to get a little better every day so no hypochondria Oh Crap I Broke My Foot yet. But I'm not going to run on it until I can stand on it for an hour with soreness.
Sean is a badass, stone-cold tri Jedi and lent me his bike trainer so I'm going to play around with that tomorrow and see just how bored I get.


  1. I like your swim sets. Looks like good start for me to get back into the water after the marathon.

  2. Being called "badass, stone-cold tri Jedi" might just be the highest honor ever bestowed on anyone. Sean is stoked.