Sunday, December 11, 2011

When It Rains It Means Airport Repeats

Ride Day
time- 1:38
distance- 29mi

The plan for Saturday was scrapped when everyone involved woke up to rain. Not little, ahh this is nice and cool rain, but WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF THE RAIN ON THE ROOF rain. So instead of risking Pineapple Hill in the extremely wet we (Sean "Dirtbag Diesel", Andy "Dirtbag the Grey", and myself "Da Dirtbag") decided to meet out at Dillingham Airfield where we knew it would be dry for some repeats.
I've never ridden with Andy before, he's one of my swimmers, and it turns out he's a great guy to ride with when Sean's there. Because Sean is a freaking rocket on his bike and Andy is more my speed. Which meant that after Sean took off, "Sure was nice to have that tailwind, huh guys?" we could hang back and plot. "Ok, I'll pull for a while and you draft, the we'll switch and we will catch him in no ti-wait, where'd he go?" Though I am proud to say that on the third lap into the wind I managed to grab onto Sean's back tire and stay there for almost the entire seven miles. I realize he wasn't working as hard as he could but Shut Up! Knowing that at any moment he might decide that he'd had enough rest and disappear in a cloud of road grime made the lap more interesting.
Riding in a small group is nice too because we would stop between each repeat and shoot the breeze for a few minutes. It was then I learned Andy is a kilt fan like myself. And Sean teased us about being three guys in lycra talking about wearing skirts. And later Sean and I discussed the finer points of leg shaving, at which point Andy reminded us that we were three guys in lyrca who had just discussed skirts and were now sharing tips on how not to get ingrown hairs. And then Sean and Andy started talking about ultra-running, at which point I reminded them that anyone who runs 100km for fun is mentally damaged. They agree.
 And after our ride we went to The Bakery in Haleiwa and had the Best Cookies on the Island. Seriously, one dollar and they kick ass. Right across the street from Opal Thai, the Best Thai Food on the Island, in the Market parking lot. Everyone should go.
Also, I love my Garmin, minus the tech issues I'm having uploading data to the computer. But that's probably more of a user error than the machine's fault. Here's the link to the ride. I love being able to see Moving Time vs Total Time, average everything, speed over time or distance, speed broken down by mileage. It's all so cool!
I registered for the 100k of Sharon's Ride Run Walk for Epilepsy. Check out my post here for more information. That's right, I masterlinked again.


  1. One thing I like to do is set my Garmin to trigger laps by speed. So if I'm doing intervals I'll assume that anything say over 19 or 20 (depending on conditions) is part of the interval and anything under is part of the recovery period. So I'll hit 19 or 20 and I'll get a lap reset. At the end of the interval I'll slow down to below to whatever the threshold is I set and I'll get another lap reset. Good stuff.

  2. I have done time trials out there. Its pancake flat but the wind is brutal. It must have been real interesting this past weekend with our higher than normal winds.

    Oh, btw, check out Sachie's (SME) marathon post. She has photos of barefoot runners.

  3. LOL - you should change your blog tag line to "three guys in lyrca discussing skirts and sharing tips on how not to get ingrown hairs"

    You will get an exciting reader base with that!!

  4. Dirt bag... I am not sure if I agree with you that Opals is the best thai food on the island. Have you tried Siam Kitchen Express? They are pretty darn good.

    Right on about Sharon's ride. I practiced going out to Hawaii Kai this Sunday. The wind was brutal. I thinK I am going to do the shortest.

    I looked through some of the pictures on my current card and no vibrams at all. Some people in minimalist shoes like Kepas though.

  5. Ha! Totally diggin’ the 3 guys in skirts discussing in grown hairs.... Too funny. Besides wanting to get on my bike, this post made me want to go to the mentioned bakery...and eat a dollar cookie.