Thursday, December 15, 2011

There Will Be Mud

Run Day
time- 1:55
distance- 7.73mi

Frankly, Dirtbag Followers, I'm worn out today. Yesterday's run with Diesel Dirtbag, his dog, and CURG (Crazy Ultra-Runner Guy, eventually he'll get a Dirtbag nickname I'm sure) over the trails and mud and through the woods...and mud kicked my ass. It was great, I had fun and I ran hard, but I got home last night and crashed BOOM. Worn out. Today was Christmas Party day in class and those days are worse than days when I teach all day. The kids are wound up, there is cookies and candy and cupcakes everywhere, even the best classroom is a madhouse. So instead of a long write-up you get a few dirty pictures (get it?) and the Garmin map. I would like to say that I'm glad Sean brought his dog. It meant that I got a few more breaks. And only one root jumped out in front of my feet yesterday. Much better.


  1. That's mud on your legs, right? They kind of look like crazy bloody abrasions. Which would be cool from the readers point of view but not cool enough were I'd want you to go through that for my sake.

  2. You're a "Mudder"! Hmm... Dirtbag the Mudder, sounds right. Good distance!