Friday, September 30, 2011

All in All, Another Brick in the Wall (Of the Fortress of Fitness) Plus Bonus Funny!

Swim Day

1 x 150- Warm-up
5 x 100- 1:30
3 x 200- 3:00
3 x 150- 50- 5, 7, 9/50- Stroke count/ 50- Swim
6 x 50- 0:45
1 x 100- Cool down
total- 2100 yards

Brick Day
Ride- 20mi/1:04
Run- 2.5mi/21 minutes
Total- 22.5mi/1:25

My swim felt full of holes for most of it. But I haven't been in the water much for the last two weeks, so I'm not beating myself up over. Pretty sure I missed my time standard on the last 200, which is annoying. That's ok, it'll come back.
And the brick went well. There has been no brick laying in a while and with the Anniversary Tri coming up soon I needed to get my legs back to making a strong transition. I really tried to pound the ride since I don't feel like I've have a fast ride in a while. Got up Kolekole in 14 minutes, and that's nice to see. The knee twinged once or twice during the climb but that was all. And then coming off base I got out of the saddle and tried to ram it up a small tiny climb and felt a more obvious spike in the same area, which wasn't as awesome. Didn't really feel it after that though.
Quick change at home and out on the road. It was getting dark, gloaming, so I only went to the end of the block and back. Did my damnedest to keep a strong, smooth pace with relaxed shoulders. I'd say there was a 75% rate of success there. Meh. And again, no knee problems on the run. It is nice to run as the sun is setting. Much more the cooler.
However, last night after sitting for some time I got up and the outside of the left knee went, "Hi, Jerkface!" There was soreness. There remains soreness. And irritation that there is soreness. So last night before bed I iced and Ibprofened. This morning I pilled some more. Today is a rest day, even though I have pretty much rested all week I try to leave Friday alone so that I can get back into the regular rhythm next week. Of course, with knee making grumpy noises again I may take Saturday's long ride off too and just do the long Sunday run. I am looking forward to switching back to a sprint-focused training plan. Finding the Fast and Explosive.

***Bonus Funny***
(stolen from Tri Cook. See all of them here)

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  1. Good speed on your brick ride. Hope the knee holds up. I know what that is like.