Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let the Wussy Win (Or: Is That A Bottle Coming Out of Your Butt?)

Rest Day

Today's plan was a brick to make up for the lameness of yesterday's run. But I got home from school, looked a my gear, and just felt tired. So I'm taking the day off. I feel guilty, even though I know I shouldn't. It bugs me to no end when I know I ought to work out, but I'm not feeling it at all. I'll end up burning out if I'm not careful. Days like today make me respect Ironman triathletes even more. So I could spend 500 words dwelling on my two days of bleh, or I could move on.
I have once again mended something! After being inspired by Tri Cook's hydration set-up and being tired of shoving a third water bottle in my jersey pocket, I went to Amazon and did some shopping around. I ended up with a Minora Rear-Mount Saddle bracket and a Cheap Basic Water Bottle Cage. After little fussing, almost no cursing, and never saying the magic words, "How hard could it be? Really?" I was able to get that bad boy on there. 
I moved my spare bag out of the way for mounting.

At first it stuck right up the back of the seat. Luckily I am very manly and strong so I bent it down veeery slightly.


I also squeezed the cage around the bottle to get the fit nice and tight.

I'm hoping this will prevent bottle rockets.

Pew pew!
I will report back after my first ride how well this set-up works. I'm hoping I can get the bottle in there tight enough that I won't go flying when I hit a bump. And bumps we got plenty of here in Hawaii.
Tomorrow is a swim/run day. Depending on how I feel after school it might become a swim/brick day to make up for being covered in weak sauce today.


  1. I'm wondering if bottle length makes a difference for bottle launching.

  2. I hate it when my brain or body won't "man up" for a schedule workout too. Sometimes I think it is a signal that I need to take a "forced" rest. Heck, I feel guilty when I take a scheduled day off even though I know that rest and recovery days make us stronger. Well, at least you put in some time to work on your gear.

  3. You said weak sauce - love it! And give yourself a break. Sometimes you just need to lay off. you'll get back tomorrow. xoxo