Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knights of Knee

Ride Day
time- approx. 40min
distance- 15.8mi

Not a long ride today. More of a test ride to see how the knee is feeling. It's better, but not great. There is still some tenderness and some tightness when I put any kind of heavy pressure on it. I think I overdid it on the long rides and now I'm paying for it. Added too much mileage too quickly. Better to know for next time. Not that it will stop me from doing the full 100 Sunday. I played with my seat height, raising it juuuuust a teensy tiny bit and making sure it is straight on in line with the frame. And I'll keep in lighter gears to keep my cadence high, which I've read should help alleviate some of the pressure. And I iced when I got home, I'll ice again tomorrow, ice ice ice ice. Ibprofen Ibprofen Ibprofen. Then, after Sunday, I'll go easy on the bike for a week to help the recovery process.
It's been a strange week. Skipping Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday means that I've missed five workouts. That's a lot of sweat to make up. But I needed it I'm sure. Can't forget about the knee. I'm going to swim and run tomorrow though. Still have the Ko'Olina Sprint Tri, my Anniversary Triathlon, to look forward to.
I also used today's ride as a test for the re-fixed rear mounted water bottle cage. I mended it! Tri Cook's observation that I installed it upside down the first time seems to be correct. So good call. We shall never speak of this again.
Oh, and I would kneel to you, Century. But I seem to have made my knee sore kicking so much ass on my weekend rides.
Pictured: Badass


  1. So, how is the knee? Getting better? I signed up for the Ko'olina Tri too. I have a 5 hour run scheduled for the day before (marathon training). A couple of my tri buddies that are currently marathon training were considering doing a team relay instead since we will probably be pretty wasted on race day. We will make a decision in a couple weeks.

  2. The knee is better but nor great yet. I'm hoping the ice/rest combo I've been and will continue to hit it with will help by Sunday.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Ko'Olina! It's a pretty race. That's a long run going into it, a relay is probably a good idea.

  3. Have you tried lowering the seat? I lowered my seat a while back when I was having knee problems. Seemed to help a little.

  4. Lowering the seat? Hrm, I was reading in one of my many tri books and it said the seat might be too low. I think I need to bite the bullet and take it to IT&B for a real fitting. I know I could go somewhere closer like The Bike Shop, but IT&B has always been great to me.

  5. My bad, should have been more specific. If it hurts in the front, raise the saddle; if it hurts in the back, lower it. A fitting would be nice if you can afford it.

  6. I know Frank, the owner of IT&B. That's the old guy you mentioned in your first Ko'olina race report. He is 67 now and just hammers the bike. Fairly good swimmer, nothing like you though. His run has slowed over the years. Great guy! When you see him, tell him that Kepa said good things about him!!! LOL!